Business speaker for sales teams:
Performance, resilience & Ambitious goals

« Peak performance doesn’t mean to be good all the time, it means to be unbeatable when it counts the most. » Sebastien Sasseville, Business Speaker | Sales Speaker

I am a former sales representatives for Fortune 500 companies and my resume also includes a successful ascent of Mount Everest, running across Canada, six Ironman and the Sahara race. Trust me, I know about ambitious goals.  I help companies to create a peak performance culture through an innovative and inspired approach to sales.

A business speaker & Sales speaker with a proven track record.

To fund his expeditions, Sebastien has sold sponsorships worth over 3 million dollars to five large corporations. As a business speaker, Sebastien shares the strategies for success he has learned over the year. Rule #1, always create a mission that everyone want to be part of. This powerful talk aims to transform attitudes and ignite the desire to win in all sales representatives. Sebastien dissects the logic of success, demonstrates why sales representatives should always set goals above the expectations of the organisation and how to maintain performance in changing environments.

A journey relevant to sales organisations.

Sebastien’s biggest strength is to make parallels between the lessons he learned during is incredible journey and the world of sales. His keynotes are refreshing, off the beaten tracks, yet delivered with humility and loaded with ready to use content. Sprinkled with humor and inspiration, based on concrete examples from the sales world and breathtaking visuals, this high energy business speaker is the perfect way to open or close your sales meeting!

Sébastien Sasseville, athlète et conférencier.
Sebastien uses powerful visuals from his unique and inspiring journey to inspire sales groups to set higher goals.

Learning objectives for representatives:

  • Learn about the key elements of success.
  • Recognizing the transformative power of ambitious goals.
  • Understand the importance of change.
  • Develop effective communication skills.
  • Develop a mission focused approach.
  • Differentiate and understand the objective, the plan and the itinerary.
  • Transform challenges in opportunities.
  • Use tangible tools to create and maintain motivation.
Motivational Speaker Sebastien Sasseville
Business Speaker Sebastien Sasseville speaks to thousands of sales representatives every year across North America.

Main messages:

  • Peak performance doesn’t mean to be good all the time, it means to be unbeatable when it counts the most.
  • It is the invisible part of what we do that makes the visible part of success possible.
  • Proactively use change to win because when you are adapting to change, you have lost the game already.
  • Busy doesn’t mean efficient.
  • Everest & sales: A time for flexibility, a time for execution.
  • Building performing teams: creating a psychologically safe environment.
  • Successful team believe in a mission that is more important than individual success.
  • Success is not a goal, it is a consequence.
  • Forget the summit, focus on growth habits.
  • Efficient communication, sharing and leveraging information: Everest Vs. Sales, not that different.
  • Alignment of end goal, sub goals, actions and measurement.
  • Culture of excellence: setting the bar high, greatness emerges only from resistance and obstacles.
  • Failure is an ingredient, not the end point.
  • Adaptation, innovation and high performance in a changing environment.

Objectives for the company:

  • Create a culture of excellence and performance.
  • Create and maintain a successful and high performing team.
  • Generate growth through an innovation culture.
  • Promote an effective communication culture.
  • Increase sales performances.
  • Develop competitiveness and combativeness.


  • 45-60-75-90 minutes
  • 3h workshop available! Learn more.
  • Each motivational keynote is custom designed and aligned on your goals and important messages.  Sebastien Sasseville works closely with your team to build an impactful speech that will lead to actions.

Impact starts with a conversation! Contact Sebastien Sasseville to start discussing the goals of your next sales meeting.


  • Our clients loved his energy, his ambition and his storytelling skills! Sébastien was able to prepare a conference tailored to our needs and to include our message with great delicacy. Sébastien helped us reach out to our clients and develop our business. He was definitely an excellent speaker choice!


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