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« Leaders create a mission that is more important than individual success. »

A leadership speaker with extraordinary leadership experience.

Sebastien Sasseville ran across Canada, climbed mount Everest, and completed the mythical Sahara race. For each of his accomplishments, leadership speaker Sebastien Sasseville had to assemble a strong team, but more importantly, create a mission. A mission that was more important than individual success.

His accomplishments are made all the more impressive by the fact that he lives with Type 1 Diabetes. Turning his incredible experiences into concrete lessons applicable to the business world, Sasseville’s marries business with inspiration to speak on the basic laws of leadership. Sebastien spent 10 years working for large enterprises and understands that world extremely well, making him one of the best leadership speaker in the world.

Your ability to lead is directly connected to your ability to inspire.

Leaders know that what matters most is not how high they climb, but rather how many people they bring with them. Leadership means to build trust and to help others grow. When a candle lights another one it loses nothing, but the whole room becomes a lot brighter.

True leadership also means to provide a safe environment where team members can fail with success. Leaders know that flexibility is not a response to failure. It is a strategy for success.  True leadership means to not only reward employees on numbers, but on the creation, implementation and nurture of growth habits that support the core goals and mission of the enterprise. Sales, finish lines, summits and results will inevitably follow. Help people grow, you’ll help your organization grow.

Leadership speaker
Leadership speakerEverything starts by creating a strong mission. Sebastien Sasseville has inspired thousands of people around the world.
Motivational Speaker Sebastien Sasseville
Leadership SpeakerSebastien speaks to audiences of all sizes in North America and globally.

A 7,200 kilometer run. 5 marathons a week for over 9 months. A start in the worst winter Eastern Canada had experienced in 20 years. One ice bath after each run. It took Sébastien Sasseville almost a year to run across Canada. After each daily marathon, Sebastien found the energy and drive to work on what he affectionately called “the second shift” and lead a team comprised of a PR firm, a documentary crew, sponsors and ground logistics.  Where was the energy from? “I had a strong reason why” he simply says.

With inspiration as a backdrop, this keynote explores the key elements of corporate leadership, team work and the power we all have to help others grow.

Main messages:

  • Creating a mission more important than individual success.
  • Forget about the summit. Focus on Growth Habits.
  • Teach vulnerability, improve collaboration and teamwork.
  • Create a safe environment where all can fail with success and grow.
  • Create a sense of belonging: build a team who puts the success of the organization first.
  • Leading in challenging environments: Leaders provide safety.
  • Transforming “I have to” in “I want to”.
  • The summit after the summit: Become an industry leader.
  • Find a reason why bigger than the obstacle.
  • What we do isn’t important. What it means is.


  • 45-60-75-90 minutes
  • 3h workshop
  • Each motivational keynote is custom designed and aligned on your goals and important messages.  Leadership speaker Sebastien Sasseville works closely with your team to build an impactful speech that will lead to actions.

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  • Our clients loved his energy, his ambition and his storytelling skills! Sébastien was able to prepare a conference tailored to our needs and to include our message with great delicacy. Sébastien helped us reach out to our clients and develop our business. He was definitely an excellent speaker choice!


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