Motivational keynote speaker on teamwork and collaboration

« Teamwork: A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. But the whole room becomes a lot brighter. »

Sebastien Sasseville, Motivational speaker
Sebastien Sasseville | Motivational Speaker on teamwork & collaboration

Motivational on teamwork: I will help you build a stronger team

The view from the top is better when shared. Sebastien Sasseville is one of the most inspiring motivational speaker on teamwork and collaboration. His presentations are loaded with practical tools to help promote collaboration within organizations so that we can reach the top, as a team.

When Sébastien Sasseville climbed Mount Everest and ran across Canada, he had to rally a team around his dream by demonstrating that it had value for everyone. The secret to his success? A strong, united team with a clear mission that served the interests of the entire group.

Motivational Keynote on Teamwork
Motivational Keynote on TeamworkA team is not a group of people who share tasks. A team is a group that allows each of its members to shine everyday. Sebastien Sasseville & Patrick St-Martin, filmed during the run across Canada.

Using your strengths

A team that gets results is one in which members use their strengths each and every day.

During his cross-country run, Sébastien had a small ground crew composed of only himself and his logistics manager, Patrick St-Martin. Together, they managed dozens of people who helped make the journey a success. Sébastien and Patrick capitalized on their strengths to create a powerful partnership. A team is not merely a group of people who share work. It is a group that allows each member to reach his or her potential. And employees who reach their potential are happier, more efficient and ultimately more loyal.

Roles and psychological safety

Whether in suits or work boots, success is only attainable as a team. Not only do you need to know your role, you should also know the roles of everyone on your team so that you can help when the time comes. On Mount Everest, knowing your role and working together are guarantors of success… and survival. The same is true in a competitive corporate environment. If we want to survive, we need to work together.

Effective teams know how to create a climate of psychological safety. Each member must feel that they have room to fail, that they can share their mistakes, so that the team can learn from them.

Diversity and collective strength

Sébastien climbed Mount Everest with the help of an unusual team: an amputee, a 71-year-old man, a Type 1 diabetic (Sébastien), a mountaineer with Crohn’s disease… and one team member without any health problems. But together, the team was able to turn these individual weaknesses into collective strength. Teamwork is about exposing your weaknesses. Because of these weaknesses, Sébastien and his team took more time to prepare and communicated more effectively, sharing information that was vital to the team’s success and safety. And the team was stronger for it.

Working together to achieve a common goal

A rising tide lifts all boats. For a team to be successful, the mission must be more important than individual success. Performance improves when team members work together, share information and prioritize the success of the organization.


Teamwork: clearly define everyone's role and team's mission
Teamwork: clearly define everyone's role and team's mission

Fostering teamwork and collaboration:
An evidence-based presentation

If we look beyond the testimonials and famous quotes, science has much to teach us about teamwork and collaboration. In this conference, Sébastien presents recent research findings and applies them to the corporate world.

Objectives and key messages:

  • Creating a climate of psychological safety within the team
  • Turning individuals weaknesses into one collective strength
  • Working together to improve performance
  • Celebrating diversity to improve collaboration
  • Creating a mission that is more important than individual success
  • Flourishing as part of a team: building on individual strengths
  • Defining your role, understanding the roles of others
  • Excelling in business by creating a culture of collaboration


  • High energy, moving, funny and highly inspirational!
  • Supported by breathtaking visuals
  • 45-60-75-90 minutes
  • Each presentation is tailored to your objectives and the issues at stake. Sébastien will work closely with your team to create a presentation with maximum impact that will help foster teamwork and collaboration.
Motivational speaker on teamwork Sebastien Sasseville (last to the right) and his team on Mt Everest
Motivational speaker on teamwork Sebastien Sasseville (last to the right) and his team on Mt Everest

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  • Sébastien Sasseville a été un conférencier plus qu’inspirant, il est un excellent communicateur qui nous a transmis une énergie et une motivation impressionnante à travers ses expériences sportives et de vie. Les sujets de sa conférence et ses paroles nous permettent de croire en nous, de nous dépasser malgré les obstacles et de vouloir atteindre nos propres sommets par nos propres actions. Pour notre groupe, Sébastien Sasseville a été d’une grande valeur ajoutée. Merci encore Sébastien!

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