Sports speakers & peak performance:
Meet Sebastien Sasseville.

Peak performance doesn’t mean to be good all the time.
It means to be unbeatable when it counts.    – Sebastien Sasseville

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Sebastien Sasseville ran across Canada, climbed mount Everest and completed the mythical Sahara race. His accomplishments are made all the more impressive by the fact that he lives with Type 1 Diabetes, making his story is a testament that obstacles can be transformed into opportunities. Turning his incredible experiences into concrete lessons applicable to the business world, Sasseville’s marries business with inspiration to speak on change management, peak performance and leadership. Sebastien spent 10 years working for large enterprises and understands that world extremely well, making him one of the best sports speakers in the world.

Athletes and sports speakers know that to perform in a clement environment isn’t all that challenging. But add ferocious competition, disruptive technologies, instability, increasingly demanding customers and fewer resources, then we have a fight. This keynote explores the mechanics of peak performance, how to create it, maintain it and transmit this desire for excellence to all business team members.

For each of his accomplishments, bilingual motivational speaker Sebastien Sasseville had to create a winning strategy, to build a high performing support team and above all, superior communication and trust. He who says performance also says goal setting, measurement, data analysis, strategy, agility, responsiveness to change, efficiency, humility, attention to detail and resilience. Lots of ingredients indeed! The highest performing teams and individuals are the ones who can combine and dose them appropriately in their daily practice. Performing individuals create performing teams, performing teams enable individuals to perform at their best. In the corporate world, companies that perform become leaders and envied brands, they expand, inspire us and revolutionize industries.

Sebastien Sasseville, Motivational speaker
Sebastien Sasseville is one of the top international sports speakers

Main messages:

  • Peak performance doesn’t mean to be good all the time, it means to be unbeatable when it counts the most.
  • Consistency, the foundation principle of performance.
  • Success is not a goal, it’s a consequence.
  • Creating a culture of excellence: Raise expectations and you will raise performance.
  • A time for flexibility, a time for execution.
  • Performance principle: the creation of irreversible commitments.
  • From great to best in the world: propelling already high performing teams and individuals.
  • Key components: Commitment, Route, Team, Expertise, Equipment, Failure.
  • Measurement is the foundation of performance but don’t measure if you’re not willing to adapt!
  • Peaking at the right time.
  • Surviving storms and staying in front.
  • The higher the level of performance, the bigger the team: Trust and communication.
  • Habits of excellence: Small, targeted, quality actions.


  • Peak performance
  • Creation of a culture of excellence
  • Create and maintain a successful and high performing team
  • The personality of excellence
  • Measuring to adjust
  • Agility and quick decision-making


  • 45-60-75-90 minutes
  • 3h Workshop
  • Each motivational keynote is custom designed and aligned on your goals and important messages. Sebastien Sasseville works closely with your team to build an impactful speech that will lead to actions.

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  • Our clients loved his energy, his ambition and his storytelling skills! Sébastien was able to prepare a conference tailored to our needs and to include our message with great delicacy. Sébastien helped us reach out to our clients and develop our business. He was definitely an excellent speaker choice!


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