Sébastien Sasseville inspires and motivates dozens of companies and organizations every year.

Companies from all sectors and of all sizes, public organizations or NPOs all reach out to Sébastien to energize their staff. Read their testimonials!

  • Inspiring, moving and fascinating. WOW!

  • What enthusiasm!  The stories and life lessons Sébastien shares impacted all audience members. It was a privilege to hear him speak and we strongly recommended him for future events!

  • Our clients loved his energy, his ambition and his storytelling skills! Sébastien was able to prepare a conference tailored to our needs and to include our message with great delicacy. Sébastien helped us reach out to our clients and develop our business. He was definitely an excellent speaker choice!

  • Sébastien's humility and his ability to establish deep contact with people of all age and backgrounds make him an excellent speaker. He accomplished tremendous work by helping people everywhere in Canada build their personal confidence and to push back the limits in their daily life!

    Animas, a Johnson et Johnson enterprise
  • Sébastien shares his story with his heart. His humour and experiences delighted our audience!

    The Pharmacists' Association of Saskatchewan
  • His enthusiasm and his passion clearly inspired our youth! He was able to adapt his presentation to our audience, i.e. high school students from secondary 1 to 5. By welcoming him into our environment, we presented a model of determination and effort, an example for all teenagers.

    Geneviève Voyer Coordinator of the Arts-Languages-Sports Program, Pointe-Lévy High School, Lévis
  • Sébastien Sasseville has a remarkable story full of determination. Barriers emerged on his path, and he decided to overcome them. Through his exceptional actions, he is a great source of inspiration!  His energy and communication skills give us the desire to have a positive attitude when confronted with obstacles. He left no one indifferent! Congratulations!

    Lise Bergeron Technician, Pointe-Lévy High School, Lévis
  • What impressed me most is your simplicity despite all of your achievements. To get through his life with so much persistence and courage is a positive model to which young people can relate. Thank you!

    France Lévesque Principal, Clé-du-Boisé High School, St-Étienne-de-Lauzon (Lévis)
  • Sébastien Sasseville a été un conférencier plus qu’inspirant, il est un excellent communicateur qui nous a transmis une énergie et une motivation impressionnante à travers ses expériences sportives et de vie. Les sujets de sa conférence et ses paroles nous permettent de croire en nous, de nous dépasser malgré les obstacles et de vouloir atteindre nos propres sommets par nos propres actions. Pour notre groupe, Sébastien Sasseville a été d’une grande valeur ajoutée. Merci encore Sébastien!

    Banque Nationale