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Sometimes, when you break down a massive challenge into small parts… it’s still freaking hard! The Race Across America was nothing short of epic.

But the thing is, it’s not only the big accomplishments that matter. Today, I want to acknowledge all the small battles that people with diabetes face on a daily basis. Today, I want to celebrate the indomitable spirit required to get through life with a chronic illness, the spirit of what it means to be a warrior.

If you don’t live with type 1 diabetes, you can’t understand it in the same way as someone who gets up and does what needs to be done, day after day. A bad low at night is sometimes enough to ruin the next day. T1D is an invisible condition. Achieving 75% in range is a ton of work. Yet, this also means that a quarter of your life is likely to feel not-so-great because your glucose is either too high or too low, and that is if you are already doing really well!

Whether you are a nine to fiver, a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, going through life with type 1 diabetes requires courage and a heroic effort every day. And you should feel proud.

Of course, we all have our own challenges and goals. Size may vary and that’s fine too. But what I want you to know is that as long as it’s YOUR thing, the thing that makes you feel happy and alive, it’s admirable. And it doesn’t need to be your first marathon to be admirable. It could be taking a dance class, learning to play an instrument, going on a trip, whatever makes you smile and makes your heart beat a little faster when you think about it.

Living with T1D is going to be hard no matter how you slice it. During the Race Across America, diabetes is the one thing that slowed me down the most. It’s frustrating, but at the same time I’m ok with this. It’s my imperfect journey and I hope it is inspiring to others. Regardless of what happens after the first step, it’s the spirit and effort that we must acknowledge and celebrate. Each one of you is a warrior my friends. No need to race across a country.

So go on and keep living life with type 1 diabetes as best you can. I do what I do to show it is possible to dream your biggest dreams – but have highs and lows just like you. Living with diabetes is hard and it won’t ever be perfect, and that’s ok. But life is for living!  Make it your masterpiece.

Sébastien Sasseville
Endurance Athlete
T1D since 2002


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