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A blog by Sébastien Sasseville

We love athletes and anyone else whose achievements inspire us to excel in business and in our personal lives. But how do you choose the right motivational speaker for your next annual meeting?

Every year, I meet event planners, senior executives and a host of other stakeholders in the event-planning and corporate worlds. Everyone asks the same question: How can I provide inspiration and a lasting impact that will help improve performance? Here are four principles that I have learned over the course of my career as a business & motivational speaker.

Choose a message, not an achievement. A presentation can easily be entertaining, but tangible results require a powerful and relevant message. Resist the temptation to invite an athlete fresh off the podium, but with little to offer in the way of substance. Furthermore, always be sure to approve each message that will be shared.

Look for a speaker who shares what they have learned rather than what they have done. Remember that each member of the audience will be asking themselves this question: What’s in it for me? What simple lessons can I take home or to the office? How can I apply this to my own career? Good motivational speakers do not simply speak, they give.

Look for practical lessons that are transferable to your industry. A message is only powerful if it is relevant. Compare the journeys and key messages of the speakers you are considering. Find the one that draws the most parallels to your industry, the theme of your meeting and the challenges currently facing your organization.

The magic happens before the presentation. Companies and motivational speakers need to work together to achieve the desired impact. Choose a speaker who is willing to get involved, to better understand your organization, and who will adapt their message to your particular situation. In short, look for a speaker who will work as hard as you!

Sébastien Sasseville, Conférencier.

Sébastien Sasseville helps businesses to create and maintain performance in changing environments. His presentations are based on his experiences climbing Mount Everest, completing the Sahara race and running across Canada, a 7,500 km journey equal to 180 marathons, in 9 months. Sasseville’s extraordinary accomplishments are made all the more impressive by the fact that he lives with Type 1 Diabetes. For more information on Sébastien’s presentations, visit www.sebinspire.com
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