From mount Everest to the Sahara

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Sébastien Sasseville inspires organizations to take the first step, to embrace change and to turn challenges into opportunities.

An endurance athlete, his extraordinary accomplishments—which include summiting Mount Everest, completing the mythical Sahara race, and running across Canada—are made all the more impressive by the fact that he lives with Type 1 Diabetes.

To reach the top, Sébastien Sasseville had to continuously overcome obstacles and to adapt to rapidly changing environments. The parallels with the business world are countless.

Transforming our organizations starts with embracing discomfort and by understanding that the cost inaction is greater than imperfection. We don’t have to have all the answers to call for change. The journey will provide the answers, so we must take the first step, we must move into action.

Then, organizations who reach the top are in constant evolution, one step at a time. They make learning the ultimate goal. Those organizations experiment, they are continuously transforming and always moving. One step at a time, consistency is everything.

Innovators know how take counter intuitive decisions. Like climbing down to base camp after a successful acclimatization session up at camp 3 on Mount Everest. Climbing to the summit is never a straight line.

Corporate agility is the goal. Successful organizations, leaders and individuals create opportunity out of complex challenges. They are resilient. They don’t change to catch up, they dictate the pace by leading change to win.


Sasseville also spent the first 10 years of his career in sales roles for Fortune 500 organizations. By making powerful and relevant connections between sports and business, he now helps leaders to lead change and he inspires organizations to turn challenges into opportunities.

Sebastien is supported by powerful imagery, unique accomplishments and known for awe-inspiring stories always beautifully connected to business. To date, he has helped hundreds of clients, such as RBC, Johnson & Johnson, Bell, SAP, L’Oreal and Hewitt  to create enthusiasm about business transformation, build resilience and to evolve to win. You’ve made it to base camp, take it to the top with Sebastien!


  • Change start with a first step
  • Start with a mission, a desire to improve a future reality
  • Leading change: to lead change you must embody change
  • Sense of urgency: the cost of inaction is greater than the cost of imperfection. If you aren’t transforming your industry, your competitors are doing it.
  • Disruption: first to disrupt is the new first to market
  • Initiating change: you don’t have to have all the answers to start
  • Agility: the ability to move quickly and deliver value quick
  • Agility: we must be willing (mindset) and able (systems) to change the plan
  • Speed is key: notice, acknowledge and respond to threats
  • It takes time: change is a process, not an event
  • Align new actions with the new goals and destination
  • Flexibility is a strategy for success, not a response to failure
  • Culture: today’s consistency is tomorrow’s performance, one step at a time
  • Taking counter intuitive decisions
  • Change is the art of always being in movement
  • Change is a culture, not an action
  • Love the process, not the summit
  • Success is not a goal, it is an outcome


  • 45-60-75-90 minutes
  • Sebastien Sasseville works closely with your team to customize his keynote for maximum impact and to move your team into action.

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Change management on Everest

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Change management: SENSE OF URGENCY

Take the first step

Athlete, author, keynote speaker, change expert

Sébastien Sasseville empowers leaders to lead with purpose and inspires organizations to embrace change. An endurance athlete, his extraordinary accomplishments — which include summiting Mount Everest, completing the mythical Sahara race, and running across Canada — are made even more impressive by the fact that he lives with Type 1 Diabetes. Having held diverse sales roles in several Fortune 500 companies, Sébastien marries his extensive business experience with his inspirational achievements to deliver dynamic messaging on change management, leadership, and teamwork.

I was chosen last every time the sports teams as a kid. I sucked in sports. And then I was diagnosed with a severe disease. In order to get to the top of mount Everest and to run across canada, I had to change the story I was telling myself. – Sébastien Sasseville

The story we share in large organizations is called culture. Culture is what protects businesses during storms. Therefore we must build strong, agile and innovative cultures who are enthusiastic about change.

Whether in the elements or in business, Sébastien stresses the power of agility when it comes to being open to the power of change and transformation. When we face a transformation, he believes, we must sometimes accept that we don’t have all the answers when we start. By taking a first step and allowing the experience to unfold, we can often find the answers in the journey.

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  • Sébastien Sasseville was more than inspiring, and he is an excellent communicator who has given us an impressive energy and motivation through his sports and life experiences. The topics of his lecture and his words of wisdom allow us to believe in ourselves, to go beyond obstacles and to reach our own peaks with our own actions. Sébastien Sasseville has been of great value. Thanks again Sébastien!

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