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Sébastien Sasseville

Sebastien’s run across Canada is a story of resilience, self-motivation and consistency

Motivational Speaker
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Sébastien Sasseville

Sébastien Sasseville inspires teams in large corporations to avoid unintentional complacency and to take a first step, every day. Over 500 presentations delivered in America, Europe and Asia. Hundreds of rave reviews, a guaranteed WOW for your event!

Sébastien Sasseville climbed Mt Everest, completed the mythical Sahara race and multiple Ironman races. In 2014, he faced the biggest challenge of his life, running across Canada, a journey equivalent to running 180 marathons in 9 months.

To deliver performance and stay relevant in rapidly changing environments, we must take a first step, fight unintentional complacency and focus on learning.

Sébastien Sasseville occupied diverse sales roles in Fortune 1000 enterprises. Today, he inspires larges organizations to take a first step, to act and to align their behaviours, actions and mindset with their goals.

Take a first step, avoid the cost of inaction

When the pace of change is increasing, the cost of not trying is always greater than the cost of imperfection. Taking a first step isn’t an event, it is a mindset. On the starting line, we often must accept that we don’t have all the answers and understand that it is the journey that will provide the answers.

Inspire a culture of initiative

Sebastien Sasseville isn’t a gifted athlete. He openly admits he was chosen last in the sports team throughout is entire childhood. How did he get to the top of Mt Everest? He changed the story he was telling himself and took a first step. The narrative we share in large organizations is called our culture. Culture is the immune system of the organizations, it protects it during disruptions.

Engagement comes after action

Also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Sébastien Sasseville faced tremendous adversity before reaching the top. Sébastien’s credibility, because he embodies action and determination, not just words, persuades individuals to believe they also can achieve the improbable and inspires his audiences to take a first step.

Forget the summit, focus on growth habits

The summit is not a goal, it is an outcome. When we build agile and safe cultures where the goal is to learn, we deliver more performance and we reach the top consequently. Like an athlete, successful organization focus on growth habits.

Staying connected to the mission

Our businesses need resiliency to deliver peak performance in changing environments. Resilience is found in purpose, not in training. We must take each step forward in alignment with the mission, and geared toward impact.  When we always serve the mission and the organization first, we obtain the wisdom to do what is right and we find the resilience to overcome all obstacles.

Reach the top, one step at a time

Once we have taken a first step, consistency is king. Small, but consistent actions, actions that are 100% aligned with the goal, every single day. This is simple, but not easy, and not sexy. But this is how Sébastien got to the top of Everest and ran 180 marathons in 9 months. It is amazing how far we can go when we do a little bit every day.


  • Inspire a culture of initiative and action to avoid, stop and kill unintentional complacency
  • Inspire the team to set higher goals
  • Motivate the team to increase resilience
  • Execute effectively to achieve ambitious goals
  • Build a culture of excellence
  • Inspire and motivate to boost employee engagement
  • Consistency, resiliency, leadership, change, agility, transformation


  • Awe-inspiring!
  • Dynamic, funny, moving, breathtaking
  • Powerful and relevant parallels with business
  • Supported by superb imagery
  • Over 500 presentations delivered worldwide. Work with a professional backed by hundreds of rave reviews
  • A guaranteed WOW for your event!


45-60-75-90 minutes, with or without Q & A

Highly customized. Motivational speaker Sebastien Sasseville works closely with your team to build an impactful and relevant motivational speech

Extended presence and participation to your meeting, when desired, to create lasting impact and connexions

Sébastien Sasseville Keynote Speaker


Take a first step

Big dreams start with a small first step

The cost of inaction

You don’t have to have all the answers

Engagement, take a first step

Engagement comes after action

Growth habits


Can beer help you climb Mt Everest?

Sébastien Sasseville. A journey that embodies action, purpose, consistency and determination.

Sébastien Sasseville inspires organizations and individuals to avoid unintentional complacency and to be in continuous movement to evolve, to learn, to stay relevant and to win.

An endurance athlete, his extraordinary accomplishments — which include summiting Mount Everest, completing the mythical Sahara race, and running across Canada — are made even more impressive by the fact that he lives with Type 1 Diabetes. Having held diverse sales roles in several Fortune 500 companies, Sébastien marries his extensive business experience with his inspirational achievements to motivate large organizations to take a first step or the next step in their journey to the summit.

Supported by powerful imagery, unique accomplishments, and known for awe-inspiring stories, Sébastien has spoken to hundreds of audiences across North America, Europe and Asia for clients including RBC, Johnson & Johnson, Bell, SAP, L’Oréal, and Hewitt. Sébastien Sasseville helps corporations to create enthusiasm about business transformation, to build resiliency, and to reach the top.

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  • Sébastien Sasseville was more than inspiring, and he is an excellent communicator who has given us an impressive energy and motivation through his sports and life experiences. The topics of his lecture and his words of wisdom allow us to believe in ourselves, to go beyond obstacles and to reach our own peaks with our own actions. Sébastien Sasseville has been of great value. Thanks again Sébastien!

    National Bank

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