Sébastien Sasseville inspires and motivates dozens of companies and organizations every year.

Companies from all sectors and of all sizes, public organizations or NPOs all reach out to Sébastien to energize their staff. Read their testimonials!

  • Sébastien Sasseville was more than inspiring, and he is an excellent communicator who has given us an impressive energy and motivation through his sports and life experiences. The topics of his lecture and his words of wisdom allow us to believe in ourselves, to go beyond obstacles and to reach our own peaks with our own actions. Sébastien Sasseville has been of great value. Thanks again Sébastien!

    National Bank
  • You inspired us to push our limits and I must say that you ignited a lot of conversations around our goals and how we will get there, by doing something different. Thank you!

  • Your determination and attitude towards life is very inspiring! In 21 years working as a lawyer, I have seen many speakers and presentations and yours is at the highest level.

    Miller Thomson LLP
  • Galvanizing. I’ve been quoting his lecture all weekend long! Sebastien Sasseville gives a unique perspective and makes us rethink how we move towards our objectives.

  • I wanted to tell you how much my team has been excited by your message. I had only positive comments, and throughout the day, people made parallels with your experience and their everyday work at Transat. Thank you for sharing so candidly your exceptional experience!

    Air Transat
  • Once again, beyond expectations! Mission accomplished!

  • Sébastien inspired our leaders to give the best of themselves and to inspire their employees to do the same. Mission accomplished!

    Cima +
  • Sebastien has been able to captivate, motivate and interest our team of representative, all that in a bilingual presentation. He’s an outstanding storyteller and he has been able to adapt his presentation to our needs and making relevant parallels between what he’s been through and the reality of our industry. A refreshing conference on sales, that’s off the beaten path.

    Energy Division of Hewitt Equipment Limited
  • Sebastien’s words of wisdom really resonated ‎with many of us and he was THE talk of the conference!

    Statistics Canada
  • Thank you for everything! The guests loved your presentation, the messages landed well and the people made connections with their work life. You are so inspiring!

  • So many employees, too many to count, have approached me to share their excitement, inspiration and gratitude for the time you spent sharing your story. A perfect message at the perfect time, with authentic delivery and advice that can be actioned – what more could we ask for.

  • We very much enjoyed having Sebastien speak at our event. He did a tremendous job. What we appreciated the most was his effort leading up to the event. We had several conference calls with him to discuss what we would like the takeaway to be from his speech. He was very attentive and really took what we were saying to heart. During his presentation, you could really feel the way he was connecting with our message and the takeaway was exactly what we were hoping for. All to say, we were very pleased with his presentation and would recommend to anyone looking for his skillset.

    Revay & associates
  • Sebastien was fantastic and such a perfect fit for our group. His energy, passion and messaging was exactly what we were looking for.

  • Big thanks to you. Everybody not only enjoyed your exciting speech but also took some conclusions for themselves. Great success!!

    Henkel AG
  • We cannot thank you enough for sharing your life path with the leadership team! We have received nothing but positive comments about your presentation and many are in awe of your accomplishments. More importantly, they heard your message of the journey your life has taken thus far and how through goal setting, perseverance, commitment and life lessons, anything is possible!

    Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, Houston TX
  • Engaging, relevant, inspiring. Brilliant! it was applicable to professional and personal development for every single person in the room. We loved the fact that he stayed with us all day!

    University of Alberta
  • We had some awesome feedback on your session and how motivating the team found it. We definitely will engage with you again!

    TATA Communications
  • Sebastien’s input on change management helped us to challenge & reinvent our mindset. Brilliant session, masterfully delivered, thought provoking and inspiring!

  • The amazing amount of praise that we have received on your behalf is overwhelming. Your session alone made our entire event a success and with the Charity team building event, it was clearly the highlight.

    SAP Hybris