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Ever since I was a kid, my biggest dream had been to climb Mt Everest and one day maybe, stand on the top of the world. Summits and finish lines are loaded with significance and symbolism in our society. I knew that if I somehow made it to the top, I would prove to myself and to others that I was capable of achieving extraordinary things. Show that I was capable of succeeding.

I was 28 years old when I reached the summit of Mt Everest, after a strenuous two months long climb and nearly a decade of training. I stood on the top of Everest for 5 minutes. 5 minutes…

And the business lesson that I speak about in all of my keynotes is right there, within those 300 seconds:

Success is only a point in time, it doesn’t last for long. Success should never be the goal, but rather the consequence of everything we do.

I bet you not a lot of keynote speakers will advise you to forget about your goals! But to be successful in our careers and to bring our businesses to the top, we sometimes must forget about summits & finish lines. Instead, focus on the creation, implementation and consistency of growth habits. Simple and daily growth habits that truly support our goals, objectives and missions.

I get a lot of questions on success, peak performance, leadership and change in our corporations. Most questions could be answered with this: Set a clear goal, come up with a solid plan, then forget about the destination and just focus on doing today well. There are no secrets or shortcuts. Align all of your actions with the goal, just do today well, and the summits & finish lines in your life will come much easier and much faster.

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