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Eight hours in your car, then standing forever in a waiting room, often only seeing four or five doctors a day and speaking for merely a few minutes in total. Does this sound familiar?

I ran across Canada last year, a journey equivalent to 170 marathons. I’m also a former pharmaceutical sales representative. I have worked for Fortune 500 companies in the medical industry and given dozens of keynote speeches to groups of pharmaceutical sales representatives in sales meetings across Canada and the United States. As a keynote speaker, I love to talk about the invisible part of success and performance.

Imagine running five hours a day in -20°C and then getting into an ice bath the minute you walk into your hotel room. Every day. See, it was everything I did when I was not running that made me successful when I was: body preparation, stretching, proper nutrition, the infamous ice bath, core strengthening, and not to mention the hundreds of hours of training done in the shadows when no one was cheering.

“It is the invisible part of what we do that makes the visible part of success possible.”

Pharmaceutical sales are no different. In my sales keynote I explain how it is what you do when not speaking with your healthcare professionals that will make you successful when you do. Peak performance isn’t about being excellent all the time, It’s about being excellent when it matters.

Invest time in continuous learning, read, understand the science, your differentiators, your competitors and their differentiators, the legislative environment, become an expert in your field, prepare, role-play (you love that, don’t you?) and be prepared to do all this when no one is around to cheer you on. That’s the only way you will become strong, make the most of the few minutes of face time you get with your key prescribers, and win.

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Sébastien Sasseville, Conférencier.

Sebastien Sasseville began his career in the pharmaceutical industry. He occupied roles in sales in Vancouver, Quebec City, Boston and Montreal. Sebastien knows very well about setting ambitious goals: he climbed Everest, ran across Canada, completed the Sahara race and multiple Ironman races. He is now a professional Keynote Speaker, speaking in sales meetings across Canada and the USA.

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