Welcome to my journey to the Race Across America 2022!

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My name is Sébastien Sasseville, I’m an endurance athlete, a type one diabetic, an author and motivational speaker.

I’ve climbed Mt Everest, I ran across Canada, I completed 10 Ironman, I rode across Canada in 16 days, and I completed the mythical Sahara race.

None of that is important. My WHY is to inspire you to take a first step, to welcome adversity to grow, to set a big impossible goal and to go for it.

The Race Across America is the toughest ultra-cycling event on the planet. It is 30% longer than the Tour de France, in half the time with no rest days. It is not a stage race, so participant typically spends 20 to 22 hours on their bike for 10 days straight.

I hope you will join me on my journey to the race! A crew of 10 people will be supporting me during the race. In my opinion, this is the real story!

On LinkedIn, I will be sharing the teamwork, the agility and the leadership lessons we learn.

On Facebook and Instagram, you will be able to follow my preparation and the race. We will share the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Every day, I share my experiences with large corporations who have made it to base camp but want to reach the summit. If you are curious about my motivational speaking, you can send me an email, check out my website, or reach my management.

Thanks for following my journey to the Race Across America!

Sébastien Sasseville



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