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Virtual demo – Motivational Speaker Sébastien Sasseville

Climbing up and down on Everest

Take a first step

Sébastien Sasseville Motivational Speaker

Leadership lesson from a 5 years old

Can beer help you climb the Mt Everest?

Sébastien performs in Las Vegas


TEDx Suisse

Jack’s story: Lead with Purpose

Hugging mom goodbye

Part of success. The Mission, Leadership

Everest, Purpose, Diabetes, Impact

Success is an outcome, not a goal

Everest, Change the plan, Mission

Change first to lead and to win

Accept you don’t have all the answers

Managing threats, Adapt, Change, Speed

Take a first step

The cost of not trying. Take a first step

Mount Everest. Take the first step. Impact on others

Engagement comes after action. Take a first step.

Growth habits

Sand dunes, consistency

Change management

The power of the first step

You like what you see?

Creating engagement

Teamwork and diversity

Change management and speed

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